Liquid level controllers are electrical devices that can detect when vessel levels are too low or too high. When a probe senses a specific liquid level, it will automatically refill the system. They use the conductivity of the liquid to complete a circuit, using probes to detect the liquid levels and replenish them when necessary.

Capable Controls manufactures liquid level controls for a variety of applications including re-thermalizers, pasta cookers, steam tables, boilers, and hot water heaters. Our high quality, reliable liquid level controllers are perfect for your conductive liquid application.

How Liquid Level Controllers Work

There are two primary operations that liquid level control systems perform: pump up and pump down. Each is used for its own application purpose.

Operation Pump Up: During this operation, the relay energizes the liquid conducts with the high-level probe when the system detects that the vessel is empty. At this point, the valve will shut off.  As the vessel is emptied and the liquid goes below the low-level probe, the relay is energized again, and the cycle is repeated.

Operation Pump Down: The pump down liquid level control system is similar to the pump up, but it is used in reverse. As the liquid rises to the high probe, the controller de-energizes the relay. The volume of the fluid can be decreased until the level falls below the low probe. When the low probe doesn’t sense any liquid, the controller de-energizes the relay.

Liquid Level Control Systems from Capable Controls 

Liquid level controllers are designed to be reliable devices that allow you to automate certain processes that use liquid levels. Our liquid level controls save you power, money, and time while offering additional safety to your workers.

We offer a variety of liquid level controls to meet your application needs. We offer the 31 series that is designed for 24VAC applications, as well as the 32 Series for 120V and 33 Series for 220V applications.

Model 31X 24V Liquid Level Control: This series of liquid level controllers is conduction and resistance-sensing and designed for low voltage applications. The liquid level controls feature a conformal coat that offers moisture protection as well as a pump-up or pump-down mode.

Model 32X 120V Liquid Level Control: This series of liquid level controls also features dual probe conductance sensing and a pump-up/pump-down operation. They are typically used in the United States where 120V is the domestic standard.

We also offer a 220VAC version for higher voltage and power application.

Contact Capable Controls for Liquid Level Controls

We manufacture reliable, cost-effective liquid level controls for monitoring all your fluids, from cooking oil to hydraulic fluid. With decades of experience, our engineers can design and manufacture liquid level controllers that meet your exact specification.

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