Ignition Control Modules for Gas-Fired Equipment

Gas-Fired Equipment Control Module

5X Continuous Gas Ignition Control Series

The 5X Series offers multiple inputs voltages: 12V, 24V, 120V, 230V operation. It also has optional alarm contacts with outputs of: 5Vdc, 24Vac, 120Vac, 24Vdc or 120Vdc. This series can also be configured to have a combustion fan blower output, rollout input, flame stabilization, Quick start, re-ignition upon flame loss and thousands of timing options. This series carries North American approvals.

Direct spark controls are used where the main appliance burner is ignited directly. With internal or external flame sense capability. For new OEM designs or replacement apps. CSA Z21.20, 24 Vac, CSA certified design. LED fault code indicator.

8X Hot Surface Gas Ignition Control Series

The world's smartest Hot Surface gas ignition control. ODL Programming, flame quality sensor, alternate relay switching, Silicone Carbide/Nitride fault detection, optional proved ignition for use on high BTU systems.

9X Dual Microprocessor Gas Ignition Control Series

Intermittent Pilot type gas ignition control with exceptional High safety design. EN298:2012 and AGA tested, includes master /slave dual processors and independent safety relays. All devices include ODL (optical) programming, for fast delivery. 

Industrial Series for Epoxy Encapsulated Gas Ignition Controls 

For the most stringent environmental applications, our Industrial Series is your best option. Any of our control series: 2X, 5X, 8X and 9X can be inserted into the open enclosure and sealed in epoxy. Our Industrial Series can survive the harshest locations and offers standard Faston's® terminal connections or 6, 7 or 12 pin headers to simplify wiring.

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