Appliance controls regulate and measure temperatures by switching components within the device on and off. They can also control time duration, turning off when the time has expired and notifying the user when the product is near completion.

Appliance controls are how the appliance functions. They cover all aspects of time and temperature within an appliance, controlling components like motors, valve, solenoids, and heating elements.  The components can be turned on or off with the controls depending on how they’re programmed.

All of the appliance control products from Capable Controls are designed for various applications, with one or two heating elements. Our devices use a common sensor for oven cavity temperature control. We provide the controls you need for all of your heating type appliances.

Temperature Controls

Capable Controls manufactures temperature controls for a range of applications including fryers, ovens, holding cabinets, grills, and more. With a 10amp output and various temperature ranges, our temperature controls provide the precision you need. We also feature auto-calibration mode, offset mode, and dual LED indication for better troubleshooting.

Gas Range Controls & Electric Range Controls

The 7200 series models of gas/electric range control provide three basic temperature controls. All the devices use a common sensor for oven cavity temperature control. All performance characteristics like oven cavity offset temperature, ramp rate to set point, and cavity air stirring temperature swing are factory preset, unless specially ordered.

Whirlpool Replacement Controls

The Direct Spark Ignition (DSI) control interfaces with the electronic oven control for Bake, Broil and Self-Clean functions. The DSI also interfaces with the four cooktop burner ignition switches, to provide ignition for the cooktop.

The DSI control uses a self-diagnostic test to verify that the oven ignition system is working properly. It will also continually monitor the flame presence within the oven.  This Direct Spark Ignition Control Capable part # 1-10125E is used on Whirlpool

Gas ranges produced from January 3, 2000, Serial Code RK02. The Model number of these units will be a “-5” version of the current G-Line gas range. Example: SF265PEGQ5.

Life Test and Method of Capable Controls’ 9X Series Ignition Controls

A customer wanted an ignition control with a life expectancy of 10 years to meet their application needs and expected appliance usage. Inside a temperature control chamber, we tested our 9X Series ignition controls for timing accuracy, flame sensitivity, Hi-Lo AC line specification, and general condition to determine if the product would meet the application requirements.

Attached is a sample of a report we created for the customer when testing the equipment.  

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