Gas and Electric Range Temperature Controls


Gas and Electric Range Temperature Control

Capable Controls new temperature control series offers a 10amp output and various temperature ranges. Other features include auto-calibration mode, offset mode and dual LED indication.

Precision Series: Temperature Controls

Temperature Control Features:

  • Push buttons with LED for offset adjustment (+ or - 20°F / 2° Increments)
  • Diagnostic LED fault code (on back side of board)
  • Auto Calibration
  • Heavy duty relays rated at 107 mechanical 105 electrical
  • Mouting footprint compatible with most thermostats
  • All temperature ranges created in software (others avaiable upon request)
  • Very low cost and long life precision microprocessor controller
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Self-tapping screws

Temperatrue Control Applications:

  • Fryers
  • Ovens
  • Holding Cabinets
  • Grills
  • Griddles
  • Rethermalizers
  • Toasters
  • Any heat-related product

Error Codes for Temperature Controls (LED#2)

  • 2 Flashes Open Probe
  • 3 Flashes Shorted Probe


Power input: 24Vac, 120Vac, 220Vac 50/60Hz Temperature Control Range: 100-650°F
Sensor Input: RTD: 1K Ohm Thermistor: 30K, 91K or 100K Ohm (others available) Temperature Offset: + or - 20°F (1.5°F steps via 2 push buttons and LED)
Dimensions: H 2.62" x W 3.50" x D 2.09" Temperature Accuracy: 3% of range
Mounting: 1.75" x 1.313" center to center (6-32 tap) Temperature Control Type: On - Off
Connections: .25" Fast On Male User Interface: Adjusting set point potentiometer
Output: SPST 10Amp @ 240Vac Diagnostics: LED (back of board) Ambient Operating Temperature: 158°F / 70°C 96% non-condensing humidity 0°C min.
Agency approvals: UL-873 pending Calibration Modes: Auto / Offset via push buttons / Other
Power consumption: 1W maximum (control only)  

Auto Calibration Mode for Temperature Controls:

Set temperature set point to 350°F. Press switch #1 (outside switch) and hold for 3 seconds until both LEDs flash and then release the switch. If both LED`s flash 5 times this would indicate the control is now calibrated and the information was properly stored into memory.

Temperature Controls Manual Offset:

Press and hold switch #2 (inside switch) for 3 seconds until the both LEDs flash and then release. If both LEDs flash multiple times this would indicate that the offset is set to 0°F (no offset). To add a positive offset simply press switch #1 (outside switch) once to increase the temperature +1.5°F. The LED will now turn on once then off indicating a 1 step offset. (This can go up to 10 steps +15-20°F). To do a negative offset simply hold down switch #2 (inside switch) for 3 seconds until both LEDs flash and then release. Then simple press the switch #2 as many steps as required (-1.5°F) per step. The LED #2 will turn on for as many steps as chosen. To increase or decrease steps simply add a step or remove a step by using the opposite switch. Example: If LED #1 flashes 3 times (3 step positive offset 3-4.5°F) and you want to change it to 2 steps simply press the Switch #2 Negative Offset (inside switch) once to remove a step. LED #1 will now flash 2 times on followed by a pause and will repeat this sequence until it times out.

  • After 10 seconds without any actions the control will revert back to its normal operating state.
  • Please note that anytime the auto calibration procedure is performed any offset will be reset to zero.
  • The manual calibration must time out for the information to be stored if the power is lost before it times out the information willl not be stored. 


LED#1: Positive Offset
LED#2: Negative Offset / Call for heat (normal operation mode)
LED#1 and #2 both ON: Auto Calibration Mode/Manual Offset Mode
SW#1: Auto Calibration Mode/Positive Offset
SW#2: Manual Offset Mode/Negative Offset

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