Quality Standards for Gas Ignition Devices and Custom Control Solutions

Quality standards ensure that our products always exceed our customers’ expectations. From concept to production, Capable Controls works with our partners to design and develop the best gas ignition devices and custom control solutions for our customers.

We offer state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to meet the demands of the industry. We are always evolving our design and manufacturing technique to keep pace with a challenging industry.  

High Quality Direct Spark Ignition Products with Cutting Edge Technology

Upholding our quality standards produces the highest quality products that can be customized using cutting edge microprocessor-based technology. This also allows us to write custom software programs for unique applications that require additional features and functions. From direct spark ignition systems to hot surface ignition systems, our controls provide the ideal reliability your application demands.

Obtaining CE EN298 Standard for Gas Ignition Devices

Many of our customers have required a CE version, so that they can ship their intermittent pilot ignition systems and other gas ignition devices overseas. We then designed our Worldwide 9x Series Controls which carries CSA (North America), CE (European Union), and AGA (Australia/New Zeeland) agency approvals.

This stringent approval required redundant circuitry and dual microprocessors to meet the very difficult to obtain CE EN298:2012 standard, which also requires submittal of the software for agency review.

The EN298:2012 standard requires both Volatile and Non-Volatile hardware options. Volatile lockout cycles via power input of the thermostat is used for supervised equipment. The non-volatile version requires an external reset switch and is for unsupervised equipment applications.

Implementing Quality Standards in the Design Phase

 Another significant control feature is a temperature stabilization detect circuit that allows for pilot flame variations to prevent false flame errors. The valve drive relays are rated for extended mechanical operations and have heavy duty contacts rated at 16 Amps.

Other considerations that are implemented into the design phase are the ease of manufacturing and being able to pass agency. These are important factors when completing a design as your manufacturing has to be on the same page and determine if any special equipment or processes need to be implemented. 

They also need to determine the total cost to manufacture. This includes overhead, burden, packaging, labeling and labor. All of these issues combined could add to the bottom line.

The most challenging issue has been agency approvals and understanding how newly released standards are going to affect your design. Agency standards can be tricky because two people can interpret a standard differently. This could significant disrupt the overall schedule of the project and possibly delay the project. We always consult with the agency from the beginning of the project so that these design oversights don’t happen.

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