12 VDC - 24 VDC Direct Spark Gas Ignition Control Modules

12 VDC - 24 VDC Gas Ignition Control

The 12-24 control is designed for new OEM applications, and direct replacement of older 12 and 24VDC gas ignition controls. The 12-24 control is available in either a high impact resin housing or a circuit board w/standoffs board. Two pin header connection types are offered for various applications. Also, a short-circuit proof 0.03A. alarm output is available. Red/Green LED's are included for enhanced status and troubleshooting. Reverse polarity protection, optional 12 or 24V detection and operation. Safety-Check is standard, monitoring the flame safety circuit continuously during operation.

Data Sheet DSI and IP Ignition Controls


  • High Spark Rate with increased output energy per spark. 
  • 12 and 24 VDC operation, with automatic voltage detection. (optional)* 
  • Mounts in industry standard footprint. 
  • Operating and error mode indication with two color LED indicator. 
  • All connections through standard 0.156in, 10pin or 6 pin header (optional) 
  • 0.03 Ampere short circuit protected Alarm Output. 
  • Agency Listed to: ANSI Z21.20 - CAN/CSA 22.2- No. 60730 -1, 2-5 - 14 

 Power Requirement 12VDC -15%, +10%, or 24VDC -15%, +10%
 Control Current 85mA typical. (control only)
 Power Consumption 1W nominal at 12VDC
 Valve Switching Current 4 Amperes (all)
 Operating Temperature -40 to 176° F, -40 to 80°C
 Storage Temperature -40 to 176° F, -40 to 80°C
 Spark Voltage 18 kVp typical.
 Spark Rate 30Hz at nominal voltage and temperature.
 Spark Energy 2.0 mJ per spark.
 Flame Sensitivity 0.3uA minimum (remote or integral flame sensing)
 Flame Fail Response 0.8 seconds
 Humidity 5 to 90% non-condensing.
 Spark Gap 0.20in/ (5mm.) maximum.
 Trials for Ignition 1 - 10
 Ignition Trial Time 1 - 90 seconds
 Pre and Interpurge Time 1 - 200 seconds
 Dimensions (in.) 1.80in. (45.7mm) high, 2.30in. (59.4mm), 4.00 (101.6mm) long.
 Mounting Hole Pattern 3.65in. (92.7mm), 1.95in. (49.5mm).
 Mounting Method 0.425in standoffs (#6 or #8) screw.
 Weight 2.4 ounces, (68 grams)

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