Manufacturing Quality Gas Ignition Controls in the US Since 1990

Electronic Control Device Designer and Manufacturer for the OEM Market

Gas Ignition Controls

Capable Controls Inc. was established in 1990 as a designer and manufacturer of electronic controls devices. Primarily focused on gas ignition devices and other related products, Capable has delivered more than 10 million electronic controls to the OEM market. Our products range from simple discrete electronic single function solutions, through more complex microprocessor-based multifunction embedded controls.

Our corporate and research facilities are located in the Chicago area, with manufacturing based in El Paso, Texas. Capable partners with customers to define, develop, and manufacture cost competitive electronic control products to meet their exact specific requirements.

Capable Controls Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of electronic controls. Both custom and off the shelf solutions are offered. Capable Controls was started with a series of range top igniters that we sold for many years to GE & Whirlpool Appliance groups. We then decided to venture into more complex ignition controls devices. These devices offer thousands of timing combinations from Pre-Purge, Inter-Purge, Post -Purge and Trial Times. Our first control module the 2X Series has direct spark or intermittent pilot was our initial module that was offered with much success. This control is still used in many of our of customer’s equipment.

After the great success of the 2X we had demand to develop a Hot Surface Ignition module which is our Series 8X control module. This smart hot surface device was designed with a variety of OEM application as well as a universal control for replacement of a wide range of hot surface controls that are present in the field. Some of the unique features of this smart control are:

  • Automatic frequency voltage sensing for 120V/240V igniters.
  • Multi-color LED diagnostics which indicates operation status and error codes.
  • Dual relays for both hot surface and valve outputs.
  • Gas valve feedback circuit continuously monitors state of wiring.
  • Universal version with DIP switch for field selectable timings.
Gas Ignition Control Manufacturing

Custom Control Solutions for Appliances and Power Tool Applications

We provide electronic solutions for residential and commercial appliances as well as power tool applications. Our products range from simple discrete electronic designs to more complex microprocessor based controls. Engineering and Corporate offices are located in the Chicago area with manufacturing facilities located in El Paso, Texas. Capable Controls actively participates with customers from product concept through manufacturing to improve performance and reduce product cost, keeping you competitive in today's marketplace.

Capable Controls welcomes simple as well as complex projects from initial design prototypes through large or limited productions volumes.