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Since 1990 Capable Controls Inc. has continued to evolve keeping pace with the ever-increasing level of technology, both in design and manufacturing techniques needed to meet industry-demanding product applications.

Unlike other manufacturers, we always keep the bottom line in mind throughout the design and build process. We pride ourselves in creating purpose-driven designs that incorporate the latest and most suitable technology while still keeping cost-sensitive applications in mind. We manufacture the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost.

Our Design Facility in Bensenville, Illinois

From our facility in Bensenville, we test our equipment for customers based on their applications, ambient temperature, outputs, current and voltage, and the estimated amount of cycles the control will perform in its life time.

Our Bensenville location is our corporate facility. As the brain trust of our company, the engineering department is located here, as well as all of our design and prototype construction. We employ technologies such as computer-based circuit simulation software to facilitate tooling for mechanical components and 3-D resin printing to provide test prototypes, environmental testing, and product life testing.

We are proud to offer the following capabilities from our design facility in Bensenville, Illinois:

SolidWorks 3D CAD Software: We use this advanced software tool to create and manage our product designs. We can create 3D design models and develop product solutions to meet your application needs.   

3D Resin Printing: We offer stereolithography, a 3D printing technique, for our parts and prototypes. They are printed in layers using photochemical processes that link chemical monomers together. When the monomers link together, they create polymers that come together to form a solid material.

Ambient Temperature Chambers: Our ambient temperature chambers allow us to test our controls in a controlled environment to ensure that they perform optimally in your application.

Our Manufacturing Facility in El Paso, Texas

At our manufacturing facility in El Paso Texas, products are manufactured using both hand inserted components in mature products and computer controlled SMT Pick and Place for all production builds.

All components, circuitry and final assemblies are tested 100% by ATE systems and final application specific in-house engineered functional testers. The automatic test equipment (ATE) systems use automation to quickly test and diagnose any faults in our parts.  

The ATE system is a fixtured device that is used for every variation of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) that we manufacture. Every component of the PCB is measured via a bed of nails that comes in contact with nodes on the bottom of the PCB. The device will measure every node and then determine if the component across this node meet the specifications and tolerances on this particular component.

If a component doesn’t meet the required specification, then the ATE will flag this as a failed component, alerting a person to verify this. The ATE also programs the software into the PCB, and if this isn’t installed properly, the ATE will notify the user and not load the software until the problem is addressed.

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We at Capable Controls are driven to provide reliable, cost efficient, and effective solutions for your gas ignition and other control requirements. Capable Controls will work with your engineers and system designers from concept inception to final production. Consider choosing USA-based Capable Controls for your control needs.

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