Custom Control Solutions for OEMs

Capable Controls prides itself on unique design and using cutting edge technology. Our engineering staff prides itself on unique designs that are not only state of the art but also cost effective so that this can be passed onto our partners. We use our years of experience and apply it to all of our design and concept as many of our engineering staff have an average of 20 years of experience. Any company can use the latest greatest parts which is usually the not most cost effective we always take the bottom line in mind when designing our controls.

We look to partner with small to large OEMs to provide great support and work to understand their application. It’s very important as many of the exact specification can`t be duplicated in the lab as every application is unique to itself. We have learned by experience as most applications have their quirks and years of apply controls to our customer equipment. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our designs and more importantly to reduce the bottom line.

From concept to production we work with our partners to design and develop the best options for their control solutions. Other considerations that are implemented into the design phase are the ease of manufacturing and being able to pass testing agency. These are huge factors when completing a design as your manufacturing has to be on the same page and determine if any special equipment or processes need to be implemented.  They also need to determine the total cost to manufacture such as overhead, burden, packaging, labeling and labor. All of these issues combined could add to the bottom line.

The most challenging issue has been agency approvals and understand how new released standards are going to affect your design. One person could read a standard and interpret it one way and another person read the exact same standard and has a completely different interpretation. This could significant disrupt the overall schedule of the project and even worse fail during the initial submittal delaying the project and the production. It’s a double edge swords as its cost you more money to get approval and delays the production which is way you’re in business to begin with to make money. We mostly always consult with the agency from the beginning of the project so that these design oversights don’t happen.

We are always looking for great partners to work with and love new challenges to keep our engineers sharp and up to date on the latest applications and technologies.

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