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We have been manufacturing electronic since 1990 that started with range top igniters for Whirlpool and GE which then snowballed into many more advanced controls. Our owners Ted Singer and Paul Paluck have been the leading force in driving the company. Ted Singer was the catalyst for sales and Paul Paluck the engineering mastermind. When two great minds work together well great things happen. Now 28 years later we have offered many different products and innovative designes for the Food Equipment, HVAC and many other avenue streams.

Our corporate facility is located in Bensenville, IL just minutes from O`Hare Airport and our production plant is located in El Paso, Texas. Our average employees have well over 10 years of experience so you can see that it’s a tight knit family oriented company.

We are currently developing more advanced controls based on our business partner’s needs. As overseas products and approvals are becoming more and more desirable we are working to obtain the latest and most up to date agency approvals for both North America and Europe. The CE requirements for Europe are becoming more and more pertinent as many manufacturers want to use one universal control that can be shipped all over the world. 

Capable Controls designs and manufactures electronic control devices, including gas ignition devices and other related products. We provide electronic solutions for a range of applications, from residential and commercial appliances to power tool applications. No matter how complex the project, we provide the electronic controls that meet your needs.

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