5X Series Continuous Gas Ignition Control Modules

The Series 5 ignition modules provide continuous ignition sequence flame monitoring and safety shut off with a dual color LED for continuous status of control operation and fault conditions.

The Series 5 microprocessor-based ignition modules are designed and stringently tested for use in all types of cooking and heating applications.

5X Series Continuous Gas Ignition Control Module Features 

The state-of-the-art design features operation of gas burner with many hardware and software options such as:

  • Safe start
  • Combustion blower control
  • Roll out switch input
  • Flame stabilization
  • Re-ignition
  • Universal field selectable DIP switch for timing selections
  • Independent alarm outputs
  • Thousands of timing combinations offered
  • Quick start for fast response to load changes

Options for the 5X Series Ignition Modules 

  • Internal (single rod) or external (dual rod) flame sense
  • Rollout switch input (high temperature sensor for back draft)
  • Alarm: 5vdc, 24Vac, 120Vac, 24vdc or 120vdc
  • Blower output (requires air pressure switch input)
  • Quick start (external sense only .5 second start up)
  • Flame stabilization
  • Flame stabilization with quick start
  • Universal model: field selectable timing via DIP switch
  • Re-ignition 5 or 60 minutes retry

Timing Selections for the Continuous Gas Ignition Control Modules 

  • Pre-purge 0-99 seconds
  • Inter-purge 0-99 seconds
  • Post-purge 0-99 seconds (must have blower option)
  • Trial time 3-250 seconds
  • Trials for ignition 1-9 tries 0=continuous
  • Flame failure response 1 second maximum


Specifications for the Series 5 Ignition Modules:

Power input: 12vdc, 24Vac, 120Vac, 230Vac at 50/60Hz
Power consumption: .2A without valve
Flame Sensing: 0.15µA minimum
Gas Types: Natural, L.P. or Manufactured
Main relay: 4 Amps
Pilot relay (IP only): 2 Amps
Blower: 16 Amps Max @ 120Vac
Style: Enclosed in Flame Proof Housing
  Temperature: -40º to 176º F
  Operation humidity: 5% to 93% Relative Humidity (non-condensing)
  Mounting position: Multipoise
  Sensing method: Rectification High Sensitivity
  Electrical: Relays Heavy Duty 16A
  Spark gap: 0.20" Maximum
  Connections: 1/4 Male Spade Terminals
  Dimensions: 4.85”W x 3.15”D x 1.50”H


Gas Ignition Control (120V-IP/DSI-Combustion Blower- Alarm)

5X Series Part Number Designation Sheet

5X Series Manual

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