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Battery Powered Igniter

Battery Powered Igniter

An ignition circuit provided on a single compact circuit board powered by a 5 – 12 VCD battery or other source. The igniter produces high voltage pulses (sparks) of approximately 14 – 18 Kvp at a typical 10 spark per second rate. Spark pulse rate is factory variable. Batter life is approximately 6000 ignition cycles at 5 seconds duration per cycle. Operating temperature range is -180º to -18º C.

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Capable Controls Lennox Pulse Replacement Control CCLPR


Capable Controls offers a Lennox G891 replacement controls for the following models: 60J00, 41F46, 56G14, 73K86, 77C38, 73K8601, 72K8601, 52J18, 34K33, 77C3801, 86H30, 96C66, 97C9701RP, 97H02 and 99C97. Our CC-LPR comes with a wire harness that interfaces with the existing Lennox connector.

View PDF - Replacement Instructions for Lennox Pulse Johnson G891 Control

The Honeywell S89 & S87 Series Replacement Controls

The Series 5 ignition modules provide continuous ignition sequence flame monitoring and safety shut off with a dual colored LED for continuous status of control operations. The Series 5 microprocessor-based ignition modules are designed and stringently tested for use in all types of cooking and heating applications.

Capable Controls offers replacement controls for these Honeywell Series.

View PDF - S87 Replacement Series

View PDF - S89 Replacement Series

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