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Universal Intermittent Pilot Ignition Control, Model Series 2X, Spark Rectification Type

intermittent spark igniters
CSA Certification 189126 - 1815774

The 2X series are microprocessor based gas ignition controls, suited for new and replacement applications. These include, central furnaces, space heaters, residential and commercial boilers, and various commercial cooking applications. Control wiring is standardized to retrofit easily into existing applications. The ignition system features a temperature stabilized flame detection circuit that allows greater pilot flame variations without false flame loss response. Valve drive relays are long life high current types rated for extended, mechanical operations.

  • 24 VAC operation at 50/60 Hz.
  • Highly stable flame sensing.
  • Programmable characteristics, trial time, purge time, retrys and recycle delay are configurable.
  • Replaces many competitive units.
  • Operating temperature to 77° C
  • For use in one or two probe systems
  • Operation w/wo electric vent damper
  • Long life relays high current relays
  • Diagnostic LED
  • Low Spark noise operation

Selection options
  • Operation with or without electric damper.
  • Prepurge or non-prepurge capability
  • Selectable trial time in auto recycle, or lockout mode
  • Single or dual rod application
  • Product available as circuit board only or, in plastic flameproof housing UL 94-5VA
  • See Capable Controls ordering instructions

Model 2X Product Specifications

Power input: 24 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 4.8VA max.
Flame Sensing: 0.15 uA minimum.
Gas Types: Nat, LP, manufactured
Main relay: 2A
Pilot relay: 1A
Temperature: -40º C to 77º C
Application Specific Modules
Operating humidity: 90% non-condensing
Mounting position: multipoise
Sensing method: rectification
Electrical: Heavy duty relays
Spark rate: 10Hz minimum
Spark gap: 0.20 inches
Connections: 1/4 male fast-on®
Dimensions: 4.85”W x 3.15”D x 1.50”H

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