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Range Top Ignitors

Models 2000, 4000, 6000

  • Higher peak-peak output voltage
  • Increased peak arc energy
  • Standard and low noise versions
  • Snap-in plastic housing
  • Quick-connects in several sizes
  • Great price/performance ratio
  • New extended life design

The 4001-HP and 4001-HPL igniters, find applications in commercial and residential range ignition systems. The devices provide a high performance upgrade from the popular model 4001 standard system. In applications where longer ignition wires are required, or electrode gaps become wider and difficult to control, the 4001-HP or HPL is a good choice.

Performance characteristics such as peak output voltage, output current, and total energy were enhanced in the 4001-HP and HPL. Higher peak output energy, gives hotter sparks that ignite faster. This provides a greater level of fault tolerance for the ignition system. Designers will find system layout simpler and less critical.

The high 105°C rating of the devices, allows a greater degree of mounting freedom. That can reduce ignition wiring lengths and wire costs to a minimum.

The HPL version helps lower line conducted spark electrical noise, useful in systems containing noise sensitive electronic controls.

The 4001-HP and HPL are standard models of Capable's broad line of ignition products. Custom designed igniters for specific applications are also available upon request.

Device Characteristics for HP and HPL
    Power input: 120 Vac +10%-15%
    Operating temperature: 0-105°C
    Output voltage: 16 kVp
    Spark energy: 6mJ typical
    Spark rate: 3 Hz @ 120 Vac
    Mounting position: any
    Gap range: 0.05 - 0.150 in.
    Relative Humidity: 95% @ 38°C
    Dielectric strength: 1,250 Vac
    Life: 1.5x106@ 105°C
  • Range Tops
  • Full Size Ranges
  • Ovens and Broilers
  • Grills
  • Barbecues
  • Fireplace
  • Most single and multiple spark cooking or heating requirements
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